Ughh! *actually sums up my year 2020 was a long year yet really short. Meaning we were just getting ready to start this year all energized and hyped but soche jhai jindagi rainacha 😀 (Okay, I will stop now). I started this year too with a bang (career wise), I was given additional responsibilities where... Continue Reading →

Untitled – 1

There has been two nights where I woke up hearing the exact same thing, I went outside and checked, Everything was fine both the times. As soon as I came back to my bed, My heart was pounding,then the haunting images floated like a slideshow and there I was, feeling the exact same way I... Continue Reading →


As the year has come to its end, felt like looking back and reflect on things. I started the year with a bang. I switched to a new workplace, gave myself a growth (position wise) and experienced a diverse work culture. From not feeling welcomed during my starting days to creating an impact among the... Continue Reading →

“This too shall pass”

Hi,  I am here to tell you that it's okay to feel lost sometimes. Its okay that sometimes you lack confidence, its okay to get anxious for some reason or no reason at all, it is okay to be depressed too. I am here to tell you that all your feelings are valid and I... Continue Reading →

Late Night Thoughts

Thank god, there was no love at first sight kind of thing for us Because if we had that, we would not be having what we have at this moment Thank god, we did not flirt with each other ever in the beginning Because if we flirted back then, things would not be this real... Continue Reading →

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